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Welcome to Viwold We Are Proximity Product Company

We are a company which develops business solutions that are based on proximity technology. Proximity technology can improve the efficiency and profitability of your business in different ways. Also you will be able to interact with your audience on an absolutely new level, building long-term relationships with them and offering personalized products. We use non-contact Eddystone and iBeacon technologies.

19 times

Interactions with advertised products increased by 19 times for users who received a beacon message.


In-store app usage was 16.5x greater for users who received a beacon message.


Shoppers who received a beacon message were 6.4x more likely to keep an app on their phone, versus those who did not.


Proximity-based Gamification brings 60% engagement to events.

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The benefits of proximity technology

Proximity Marketing

Constant and locally responsive billboard right in the palm of your customer’s hands.

Personalized Messaging

By interacting with your CRM, the beacon can use information about customers to tailor messages to them.

Automatic Check-in

Imagine customers walking through the door of the club and automatically being checked in, increasing the level of convenience for them.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment creates a faster and simpler way for customers to purchase items.

Relevant Information in Real-Time

If an item has a beacon attached to it and you place your device close to that particular product, a detailed message pops up on your device.


Proximity-based Gamification brings 60% engagement to events.

Reduced Wating Time

You want to grab a coffee on your way to work but you want to avoid queuing. Order online on your smartphone whilst approaching the coffee house.

Real-Time Analytics

Get detailed information about your customers.

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Admin Panel Monitor the entire process on their own

You get access to the admin panel where you will be able to change your beacons without our help.

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browser iphone
browser iphone

Analytics You get access to analytics in just a couple of clicks

Our web-based system allows you to view statistics on the use of proximity technology in real time.

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